Prepare for Halloween with The Wild Class.

It’s hard to find a fan of horror or comedic horror films who doesn’t have a nostalgic fondness for the 1980s. In addition to comedies like Teen Wolf and horror staples like A Nightmare on Elm Street and An American Werewolf in London, the 1980s also offered us the classics A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. There have been plenty of other fantastic comedic horror films created in the decades following, but the 1980s held a distinct place in the history of the genre. This is why Play’n GO has released The Wild Class, a comedic horror slot set in the 1980s, just in time for Halloween.

An Untamed Batch

In comparison to Friday the 13th, The Wild Class is more like Teen Wolf. This is a 1983 themed five-reel slot machine. The three college seniors Chris the swot, Jess the cheerleader, and Mike the jock appear to be completely normal during the day. Midnight comes and the three seniors give in to their feral instincts, transforming into werewolves with an appetite for their fellow students.

As night falls, players explore a brilliantly animated fairground setting. There’s a roller coaster in the distance and a lighted Ferris wheel with passengers spinning around it. The three protagonists, as well as the 10, J, Q, K, and A card values, take up an entire reel position as symbols. When the characters appear as humans, they pay out, but when they transform into werewolves, they act as wilds.

The Wild Class has included a synth-heavy soundtrack since no homage to the 1980s comedy-horror genre would be complete without one. Eventually, you’ll find yourself tapping your feet along with the music, and if you crank up the volume, you might even hear a wolf or two howling at the moon.

Particulars of the Full Moon

When you acquire an entire reel covered by the same symbol, the Full Moon bonus kicks in to increase your winnings. If you get a full stack of a symbol on each reel, the win multiplier will grow by 1, all the way up to a maximum of x6. I wish every full moon was as generous as this one.

Rotating Blood Moon

A unique Wolf scatter symbol is in play for the Wild Class. If you get three, four, or five of these anywhere in view at the same time, the Blood Moon Spins feature will begin in either the Fury, Carnage, or Rampant modes. When this occurs, a certain number of human symbols will morph into their werewolf counterparts, proportional to the amount of scatters that activated the feature. The wild wolves will then play for seven Blood Moon Spins while you relax.

That alone would make Blood Moon Spins a highly anticipated bonus, but there’s more! First, the win multiplier persists between spins; an x6 multiplier, for example, will not be lost when you play Blood Moon again. Furthermore, any scatter symbols that show up during this time will award you with an additional free spin. Because of this, you can get up to 30 free spins and potentially win 6,666 times your initial wager.

Another Haunted Machine

“We wanted to add another Halloween type title to our portfolio since Happy Halloween was released in 2015,” stated Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games at Play’n GO. Since ’80s horror movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th are popular again, we decided to add another scary slot to our lineup. In addition, we love the music of the 1980s!

Join Us for Our Wild Course!

We believe that every enthusiast of online slots should enroll in The Wild Class, regardless of whether or not they liked school. This is a fantastic homage to the style of Teen Wolf and American Werewolf in London, both visually and sonically. Play the game all October long and beyond, and you’ll score an A+ for sheer enjoyment.

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