Overview of the Aurora Beast Hunter

Players, put on your shades; Microgaming’s partner Just For The Win has turned up the fluorescents in their 90s-themed adventure slot Aurora Beast Hunter. The plot is a bit out there, but it fits in well with the rest of the game.

Aurora, our hero, travels to the scorching American desert in search of what appear to be huge mutant worms. These tardigrade-like creatures will lay various modifiers across the reels as they travel, and you’ll have your choice of three different free spins bonuses along the way.

The game’s loading screen will bring back a rush of memories for everyone who grew up in the ’90s. Aurora, for one, has the nostalgic feel of an old VGA video game from the 256-color mode. The second step is to give it a try so that all the movie analogies can begin to flow in.

How do I even begin? It reminds me of a cross between the Kevin Bacon horror film Tremors and the ’80s-style sci-fi sexfest Cherry 2000. Together, the animations, images, and music in Just For The Win form a fun throwback to the decade.

Aurora Beast Hunter is a 5-reel, 3-4-5-3 slot machine with a betting range of 10 pence to fifty dollars or fifty euros per spin. To do so, they utilize the forty paylines that zigzag across the board. The mathematical model has a large standard deviation, with an estimated RTP of 96.27% and a hit rate of 20.58%. Consistent with previous estimates; no cause for alarm.

When one examines the payout schedule, one sees a veritable avalanche of progressively lethal weaponry and people. We have J-A royals, nunchucks (which aren’t very effective in combat but are a staple of the ’90s), ninja stars, handguns, a friggin Gatling gun, and finally, Aurora.

At 12.50 times the stake for a full house, our heroine is the best bet. Regular, stacking, expanding, and sticky Wilds are all present in Aurora Beast Hunter, and they all help in different ways. All of them have the ability to stand in for other pay symbols and give the various benefits detailed below.

Specs of the Aurora Monster Slayer

There are a lot of features, and they may look more complicated on paper than they are in practice, so please bear with us. As was previously noted, the game includes a number of different modifiers, each of which is represented by one of the alien creatures. Random cash prizes, random wilds, and sticky wild stacks can all be won on any spin of the main game.

If the prize is money, then you can count on getting at least one stacked wild or expanding wild and an increased payout of 1.5x or 2x. The random wild feature sprinkles 1 to 5 wilds on reels 1, 3, or 5. Lastly, the sticky wild stack feature awards expanded wilds with respins.

Scatter symbols of the monster trucks trigger the free spins bonus when they show up on reels 1, 3, and 5. Players have the option of selecting The Sub, the Danger Zone, or the Sandstorm once the trigger is pulled.

Sandstorm includes 12 free spins of low volatility. Here, the payout for expanding wilds is 1.5x, while the payout for stacking wilds is 2x. You can win up to a 2,000x multiplier with Sandstorm.

Danger Zone offers 8 free spins with medium volatility. After each spin, anywhere from one to five wild symbols will appear on the reels. Danger Zone payouts are capped at a 3,000-fold multiplier.

The initial five free spins on the Sub are quite risky. Each spin has a random mark on one of the reels. Any stacked wilds or expanding wilds on that reel will stick around for the duration of the feature. An additional free spin is granted whenever a stack of sticky wilds appears. Payouts from The Sub top out at 5,000x.

Conclusion from Aurora’s Beast Hunter

Occasionally, a developer will deviate from their usual style and produce something that may take many players by surprise. Aurora Beast Hunter is a top-tier Just For The Win creation in large part because of the game’s throwback aesthetic and sound design.

It’s true that not everyone will dig the style; some people say it takes some getting used to. It may be difficult to swallow for those who aren’t fans of bright, goofy science fiction with a nostalgic gloss. For anyone like classic video games though, or the 1990s, or a slot that doesn’t take itself too seriously will have a ball.

It’s best to just go with it, like in any good action movie, and try not to question anything. Bright colors, heroic emblems, heavy metal music, and animated sequences all contribute to Just For The Win’s successful recreation of a voyage back in time. The gameplay and potential are as appealing as the visuals, which is a pleasant surprise. The three different volatile free spins and the other features help make Aurora Beast Hunter one of the more enjoyable slots from Just For The Win.

Aurora and her menagerie of monsters can provide some good clean fun with a vintage twist. As a side aside, Relax Gaming’s chunkily rendered Hellcatraz is worth checking out if the era’s aesthetic appeals to you.

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